Certificate in Biblical Studies

The Certificate in Biblical Studies requires the completion of six core subjects and further two elective modules. It is advisable but not necessary to complete all six core modules first. However, the order in which each course is completed (including elective modules) is entirely up to the student. You can begin by enrolling in TTA at a cost of $49, which covers the cost of all six core modules. The price of each elective modules is currently set at $49 and the entire cost of the Certificate is unlikely to exceed $250, including course books and supervision. There is also a very small annual administration fee of $15 payable in subsequent years. However, should you not wish to complete the Certificate this subsequent admin fee can be cancelled at any time. Why not join us on what we believe will be an exciting journey ahead. The six core modules currently comprise of:

Kingdoms, Covenants and Canon of the Old Testament

The Pentateuch

Kingdom and Covenant in the New Testament

The Gospels

The Apostles Creed

Building Your Theology

Registering at the college is a two -fold process. First complete the enrolment form by using the link provided. Then return to any page with a registration button and complete your enrolment by processing your payment. https://timelesstheologicalacademy.com/enrolment/