Nurturing Children’s Spirituality

This course is interactive, and uses multiple tools for learning more about children’s spirituality. By the end of this course you will be able to identify key characteristics of children's spirituality and to apply principles of religious education to your own context. Another important facet of this course will be to evaluate curricula, including stories from the bible, for how they nurture children's spiritual development.

Parables in Luke

This course is interactive, and uses multiple tools for learning more about the parables in Luke’s gospel. By the end of this course you will be able to understand how the Gospel of Luke was written and how is impacted the early church. With the assistance of the supervisors you will discover different types of storytelling methods deployed by biblical writers and also ways to enhance reading the parables together as a faith family.

Fundamentals of Interpretation: Module One

This course is interactive, and uses multiple tools for learning more about the fundamentals of interpretation. By the end of this course you will be able to identify traditional ways of understanding the bible and analyse methods of interpretation based on your hermeneutical lens. This course will create opportunities for the student to listen for how others approach scripture.

Fundamentals of Interpretation: Module Two

This course is interactive, and uses multiple tools for learning more about the fundamentals of interpretation. By the end of this course you will be able to identify multiple bible study formats to guide your interpretation of scripture creating the best learning environment for your listeners. This course will provide you with the proper tools to select the most appropriate methods of biblical interpretation that will help congregations to engage with scripture with their minds, hands and hearts.

Pentecostal History and Theology

Having completed the first part of this course you will then be navigated through the both through the diversity and also distinctively unique doctrinal elements of the Pentecostal movement. This course is both a useful tool for Pentecostals wishing to become better acquainted with their own historical and theological journey and also those simply wishing to be better informed.

Second Corinthians

Many students have read First Corinthians more often than what has been traditionally called Second Corinthians, yet this is a rich and valuable contribution to the Pauline corpus.

Spiritual Formation

Critical to the life of every Christian is the need to grow as a disciple, the question is how do we grow to reach our God-given potential. In this course we will examine the processes involved in the Godly formation of our character.

Theological Themes in Luke-Acts 

Alistair Bates is your course tutor. Alistair blends both a theological understanding of both the Pentecostal and Reformed perspective on major themes contianed with the books of Luke and Acts. This course provides both the insights of Dr. Bock through the Logos Remote Research Library and that of supervisors at TTA. 

Homiletics 101

Tim Frizell our supervisor will coach students through the basics of preaching. He will be joined by Alistair Bates who has experience in preaching the gospel in a variety of contexts. They will introduce you to many facets of basic communication techniques and will also direct you to some of the rich an valuable material in the Logos Library that will aid you in your studies.

Homiletics 102

Alistair Bates has had many years experience in delivering sermons and communicating at various events both secular and spiritual. However, this course is a unique combination of both is observation and practice and that of Dr. Edwards who has provided a series of helpful, creative and spiritual empowered videos at the Logos Research Library.

Introduction to New Testament Theology

In this course you will learn to identify the major themes of the New Testament and become better at both their explanation and application to everyday life. Using the best contemporary literature available our tutors will navigate you through the complexities of modern day New Testament Theology.


TTA has combined a number of resources from its own teaching staff to bring you a defence of the Christian faith. This course will be supplemented by material presented by Dr Conway from the Logos Research Library that will demonstrate, "biblical examples of effective witness, and clear reasoning that points to God’s activity in our world today. View descriptions of the Bible’s reliability and the implications of Christian claims about the resurrection. In this winsome presentation, Christians will find effective means to point unbelievers toward Jesus in a way that speaks to the heart as well as the mind".

Performing Arts 101

Your instructor for this course is Anita Gutschick and brings so much experience and talent to this unique course. A brief introduction to Anita will give you amble information before you click that enrol now button.

Epistle to the Hebrews

Our students will also gain from Peggy Harvey's scholarship as she draws on her teaching experience and also that of many scholars who have undertaken extensive research into this wonderful book.

Your....Daughters Will Prophecy

Here is another unique course offered by TTA. In combination with Joanne you will discover seven women of the bible who have an encounter with God. 

General Epistles

The study of the general epistles doesn't have to be difficult and under the guidance of Alistair Bates who has a particular passion for the New Testament and with the help of Logos Research Library you will be supervised throughthe rich biblical resource known as the Catholic Epistles.

Survey of the Pastoral Epistles

This course provides, Explore the content and major themes of 1 and 2 Timothy and Titus with New Testament Professor Kenneth Waters Sr. You’ll examine the doctrine of salvation, learn the difference between “imminent” and “immanent” eschatology, gain background information on Timothy and Titus, and see the bigger picture of where and how these letters fit in with the rest of Paul’s journeys and our own spiritual formation.

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