Back to Basics: Sarah

7 students

Back to Basics will engage every student in an interactive journey of discovery. Joanne will navigate you through seven narratives involving seven well-known Biblical characters. Each study will introduce a basic biblical truth in a three-dimensional transformation process. Back to Basics is designed to activate every aspect of your understanding of scripture, with the end goal of living out the transformed life of faith.


Joanne Guarnieri Hagemeyer, retired Teaching Leader and Area Advisor with Bible Study Fellowship, now teaches at Grace and Peace, Joanne, and serves on the pulpit teaching team of New Hope Chapel, Arnold, Maryland. She is a member of the Board of Directors for Lay Counselor Institute and the Biblical Archaeology Forum, and has participated in two archaeological excavations, at Tel Kabri and Tel Akko, Israel. She is currently a Masters in Theological Studies student at Portland Seminary and author of Love Feast (January, 2020) and Broken, Searching, Trusted, Powerful (July, 2020). For more information please visit

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