Disciple-Making 101: Being Reproducible Intro

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This course will study the principles, practices, and practicality of reproducible disciple-making concepts for the purposes of Great Commission obedience. The reproducible disciple-making course will examine the strategies and models utilized for effective relationship building of new converts based upon biblical narratives and descriptions from the early church. RATIONALE:

This course will identify the biblical view of reproducible disciple-making. The primary goal will seek to train individuals in effective disciple making strategies, implementations, and models. Special attention will be given to the life of Jesus Christ, the Gospels, and the Apostle Paul.


Dr. Matthew Fretwell lives in the USA and received a DMin, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. MDiv, Professional Ministry, Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary. M.A.T, Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary. B.S. Bachelor of Science Religion (2009) (Summa cum laude), Liberty University, Lynchburg, Va.