Divine Companionship & Human Suffering

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Why do good people hurt and why would God allow hurt into the world? These types of questions are what plague Christians regularly as they, and others, endure trials and wonder about the purpose for these difficulties. Author Peggy Harvey offers a solution for Christians with Divine Companion: God’s Presence in a Broken World, an in-depth, nine-week Bible study about suffering and how the deep love of God is shown through it. Peggy crafts each week’s study to define different levels of suffering, as conveyed through such Bible characters as Job, Jeremiah, Hosea and Gomer, exposing God’s intentions for trials in the process. Readers are empowered to persevere in faith as they learn Satan cannot overcome God. The lessons are to assist those wrestling with doubt and despair to rely on God’s strength, believing that God has a plan for those surrendered to His will and for empathizing with others.


Peggy lives in the USA and is a Christian writer and author. She earned her BSc degree in Christian Education from the University of Northwestern and her MA degree in Religion (Biblical Studies) from the University of Dubuque Theological Seminary. She also holds a Certificate in Christian Studies from the Covenant Bible College (Prince Albert, SK).