• Start: 2019-07-01


  • Timeless Theological Academy

For those that live in Ballymena, the opportunity to become part of a learning community has never been easier. So many good churches exist to help facilitate discipleship. God wants us to read the Bible with extreme passion. He has also gifted many writers, through the aid of the Holy Spirit, to effectively communicate that truth with clarity and warmth. On joining our foundational or certified courses, you will be able to use the library during the learning hub times as we gather together. It is our intention to invest in and update our library regularly in our local teaching hub in Northern Ireland, and if you can assist us through the donation of good quality theology books, it would be much appreciated.


I have had the benefit of using Peggy Harvey’s course. You’re Never Alone, in our Sunday evening services. The Bible study was exceptionally well received. This course provides excellent examples of how biblical characters contended with human suffering. I could not recommend it highly enough. – Alistair Bates, Senior Pastor: Wellington Presbyterian Church


With a variety of theological perspectives there is always the opportunity to increase our depth and breadth of understanding.