Our Vision

A very good question to ask is, what drives us?

Learning TOGETHER, EVERYWHERE, STRATEGICALLY our aspiration for every student with us.

Absence of formal education does not equate to a lack of potential. If you are willing to learn, then we are absolutely willing to teach you. You can study at your own pace¾supported by tutors who understand the pressures created by assignments, tests, or exams. TTA’s goal is to help you progress in learning, and when you succeed, we will be right there to celebrate your achievements!


Do you want to grow deeper in your knowledge of the Bible yet lack the courage and discipline of meeting with others in your local church? We have the tools and expertise to support you in your online learning.


Is it difficult to study where you live? If you can’t meet with a student body, then let the student body come to you. From the comfort of your own home, we will bring everything you need wherever you are. Sounds amazing, right?


Do you need someone to keep you accountable for the self-discipline required for online learning? By signing up for one of our courses, we will definitely encourage you to get things done.

Registering at the college is easy. Each prospective student should click on the following button and after completion will receive confirmation of registration. click here