We exist at two levels and we see this as a distinct advantage – the first, as a local learning hub, and the second through the ehub portal. The latter enables our courses to be taken by a person or a group of learners at any location throughout the world. In other words, we bring our courses and tutors right into your living room, study or church. Through a mix of downloadable textbooks, courses, exams and webinars, you can have some of the best tutors to facilitate your learning experience. We really encourage all our students to start at a level that best suits them. You will achieve a lot in terms of personal growth and development by studying at a pace that is appropriate for you. We do not exist so that people can just have credentials after their names, and we are alarmed at the number of diploma and degree websites that have no appropriately recognised certification. These so- called diploma mills give certificates based on courses with inflated prices and even less credentials.

This is why, for those of you who want to pursue studies to university level, we have partnered with the appropriate course organizers and tutors to make this possible. If you take one of our certified courses, you can rest assured that your education has been placed in safe hands. The fact that you have navigated to this website indicates that you are willing to become a student. Click below to find out 6 good reasons why you should enrol and also six temptations that might stop you dead in your tracks.