Six Bad Reasons Not to Study

We can think of at least six bad reasons why people delay their studies.

  • They suggest that they can’t afford it. We agree when you look at the prices that some colleges charge it would seem a justified reason. However, we have tried to reduce the seriousness of this objection by making our courses as cheap as possible, at least without compromising the quality of the courses.
  • They claim they lack the ability. We believe that everyone has to start somewhere and at TTA we want to make stepping on to the ladder of education as painless as possible. With our help you might be given the confidence to at least try and begin a rewarding an successful education.
  • They have too many other commitments. It is true that we all lead very busy lives, perhaps too busy, nevertheless our courses can be self-paced and chosen as stand-alone subjects. Therefore when you enrol you are under no obligation to embark upon the certificate our diploma courses you can decide what the course should be and when you want to finish it. Although we will obviously try to encourage you to be disciplined as well as travel at a comfortable speed!
  • The courses will not progress their career. True some courses will not benefit your employment but they will help not only your understanding of the bible but its application to everyday life. At TTA we think that is a solid enough reason to take the step towards theological education.
  • They are frightened that they lack the discipline required for online study. True it does require discipline but we will endevour to prompt you as much as possible and to give you the tools to stay on track.
  • They have never had the right opportunity. TTA has been formed with the vision to make theology accessible, achievable and affordable and we will do everything we can to make that possible for you.

I am sure you will agree that these are only the beginning of some very good reasons why to avoid procrastination and begin the very rewarding journey of theological education. Think about it, but not for too long, this could be a very exciting step in your journey of faith.