Student Resources


Like any college we want to provide our students with the tools of the trade. Books, articles, podcasts and videos are the life-blood of any academic institution. Whilst are online facility is limited it is, nevertheless, expanding. We are committed to providing an ever-increasing supply of research tools to facilitate your learning experience. Every few weeks something of importance will be added to make this a realisable goal.

We have a two-tier membership. Student membership is free to those who have registered to undertake our courses. However, Associate Study Members may with a very small annual fee of just $10 have access to our small selection of journals, an ever-increasing database of articles, podcasts and videos ranging across a wide spectrum of theological subjects. However, and certainly not least a forum group of students who will be interacting with lecturers and other students in lively discussion and debate.

Online Books

With a small section of free online books you may enhance your studies. We will also provide book extracts that are pertinent to your studies at college with the appropriate teaching comments so as to remain compliant with any copyright restrictions.


Every college needs a good set of journals. We have a paid subscription to Galaxie as a college. This costs you less that what you would pay as an individual to have access to their database. Galaxie give us access to thirty three evangelical journals but some of the these journals remain a year or two behind current publication dates in order to be produced at affordable prices to colleges. Nevertheless, they remain a rich academic resource for our students providing thousands of well-crafted articles. However TTA are also adding free and paid subscription journals to its expanding online resource.

Video Resources

Ever watched a great lecture or Youtube video? It’s our guess that you have been challenged by the expert view, discussions and deliberations of the most gifted Christian communicators. However, what is in the public domain needs to be carefully managed to best facilitate our learning experience. Over the medium to long term goal at TTA is to collate these biblically sound, well-informed and ably communicated Christian teaching, so that you the student, are better equipped to deal with the big questions.


You could be out for a walk, perhaps even walking the dog or doing that much needed DIY job, yet even then you might want to cram in a few extra hours of study. It might not be feasible to watch the latest video, DVD or MP4. However, it might be more practical to put on a set of earphones and listen to the latest lecture. As we gather much needed Christian material for our students you may find some of these podcasts shed a little extra light on important subjects.