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New Book 

Rick Hill

Rick Hill is the Presbyterian Church in Ireland’s Discipleship Development Officer. This is Rick’s first book and we believe it will prove to be a game changer for many individuals and churches. This is what has been already said about it. 

“Rick’s writings tackle the challenge we all need to face: how do we help those who begin a journey with Jesus keep walking to maturity. If you’re a parent, a youth leader, a pastor or someone wondering how to keep going, this warm book will draw you in, guide you and give you hope. It’s a book many need to read.”

Rev Dr Neil Hudson, LICC Associate, Senior Leader Salford Elim Church& Author of ‘Imagine Church’

Expected launch date is the end of June 2021 and will be available for purchase from all the usual outlets including here at TTA.

To find out more about Rick’s book 

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