Why Join Us

A college that celebrates cultural diversity while aiming for evangelical unity . . . that’s absolutely us! Why not enroll today and benefit from a ‘Triple-A’ education?


We exist at two levels: a local learning hub and an e-hub portal. The second enables individuals or a group of learners to take our courses at any location throughout the world. Simply put, we bring our courses and tutors right into your living room, study, or church. Through a mix of downloadable textbooks, courses, exams, and webinars, you get to meet and study with the best tutors to facilitate your learning experience.


The number of diploma and degree websites that have no appropriate certification is alarming. As such, we have partnered with the appropriate courses and tutors to provide credible and respected studies. We are in the process of seeking the accreditation of a well-respected awarding body. Those who complete our diploma program and possess university entrance qualifications will be exempt from a number of courses required for a degree in Theology. Take one of our certified courses and we can guarantee that your education is indeed in safe hands.


Getting an A+ on an exam is a pleasant and fulfilling experience. But exam success without spiritual growth and development is an empty trophy. We aspire for you to grasp that what you are learning has the potential to transform lives. Everyone, regardless of their intellectual ability, can be successful.


As we are serious about learning, we are constantly adding to our range of courses. From Disciple Making to Spiritual Formation, we have your back!


We have an onsite resource library that we are updating regularly, as well as uploaded e-books that will give you everything you need to complete the course. Our books have to be purchased, but rest assured that we source the cheapest options to effectively cut down on expenses. In the future, we envision a collection filled with journals and videos so that you can be part of an ever-expanding community of educators and learners.  


This is learning straight out of the box! Each course is ready to use and every resource is available immediately. You will know who your tutors are, and they will assess your completed and submitted work.

Registering at the college is easy. Each prospective student should click on the following button and after completion will receive confirmation of registration. click here