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Website: Live 29/09/21

We have a blended style of learning. In other words, some courses can be taught exclusively online like the video contribution opposite by TTA lecturer Joanne Hagemeyer, or in person, depending on your location. For example, in Northern Ireland, four of our representatives (included below) will be delivering the curriculum online and in a classroom setting. (In-person class information night on Tuesday 26th of October 2021 at 8.00pm venue to be arranged).

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The Timeless Theological Academy has a vision to make theology an everyday experience and where the learning of theology is not only informative but also transformative. Register your interest today and you will receive our digital brochure and all the latest updates regarding courses.


Good question. We aim to put the Bible back into the curriculum without sacrificing academic rigour. We seek to make theology accessible, affordable and achievable for everyone and If the reasons opposite are not enough; we embrace diversity whilst seeking to retain evangelical unity.








No Time? Yet you spend time in physical activities, video games, and social media daily. Today, grab the chance to exercise your mind and feed your soul, too.

No Money? True, colleges cost a fortune. Hear us out though; we have reduced the cost to make studying a feasible option for you!

No Education? Some educational establishments require previous educational achievement, but not us. We want you to finish with a good education. Because of TTA, that is a very distinct possibility.


Gain a Greater Knowledge and Understanding of the Bible.

Begin a Journey of Discovery That Lasts a Lifetime.

Engage in a Supportive Learning Community

Six courses required for a certificate and Twenty One courses for the Diploma

At TTA we really want to train, encourage and support people in developing a response to the great commission. It is on the basis of seeking to glorify God and fulfil such a commission, that we seek to do theology. 

We also believe in creating dynamic partnerships with people from around the world. By creating such partnerships we not only avoid becoming culturally and theologically near-sighted, but also with humility we learn from others. For our diploma we have partnered with the Pan African Christian University to provide a Diploma that is validated by Kenya’s Council for Higher Education, but also locally in the UK where are certificates will be recognised by a vocationally recognised awards body.

We have also partnered with STEGE an online teaching college. STEGE works with the Hispanic community (worldwide) supporting pastors, missionaries and all who seek to further God’s Kingdom work. Some courses written by TTA lecturers are being translated into Spanish and some of their professors work work is being translated into Spanish. These truly are exciting times for potential students.

We are seeking to develop our courses all the time and we are working with friends and colleagues to make sure that what is delivered to you, will be of the highest quality. Your journey with us is critical to course development and your feedback, support and assistance would be greatly appreciated. So why not register your interest today and we will start growing together in our knowledge and application of the Scriptures.

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Time to say hello to some of our representative teaching staff, who will be teaching online and in-person, in Northern Ireland.

Danielle Patton: Biblical Theology and Church History
Dr. Thomas Todd: New Testament Studies & Ecclesiology
Rev. Alistair Bates: Practical Theology & Biblical Hermeneutics
Dr. Lee Eagleson: Missiology & Pioneer Ministries