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Every student is valuable and must have the tools to be successful. That is why we try to match you with the right course, tutor, and materials that will make your learning fun and also informative.

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As we are serious about learning we are constantly adding to our range of courses. Here are just some of the courses that you might avail off.

Open Library

As we operate in a building we have an onsite resource library that is being updated regularly. However, as a distance learning provider we also upload ebooks that will give you everything you...

Ready to use

Each course is ready to use and every resource will be available immediately. You will see which tutor you have been assigned too and any of the completed and submitted work will be uploaded to...


You will be required to successfully complete three objective type tests for each course you do. This, no doubt, will be a pleasant and fulfilling experience, but we consider exam success without...


We exist at two levels and we see this as a distinct advantage - the first, as a local learning hub, and the second through the ehub portal. The latter enables our courses to be taken by a person...


The number of diploma and degree websites that have no appropriate certification is alarming. As such, we have partnered with the appropriate courses and tutors to provide credible and respected...

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At present, we have 15 adjunct supervisors/tutors. It is our goal to increase that number to 20 by the end of 2019. They are responsible for writing courses, assisting generally in the development of the curriculum, and to providing valuable guidance to you, our students. As the college reflects and reviews its progress towards these goals, we are hopeful that it will lead to greater student satisfaction. However, we also want you to get to know each supervisor a little more personally. To enable this we hope to provide you with an insight into their lives outside of the classroom.

Dr. Renee de Assis

Director of Religious Education

Renee de Assis is an instructor at Texas Woman’s University and lives in the US and Brazil. She earned a PhD in child development and early education and holds a Master of Divinity and Master of Social Work. She has served Episcopal and Methodist churches in the US and taught in Haiti, Israel, and Brazil. While a seminarian, Renee earned multiple awards for preaching and was a 2011 Prophetic Preachers National Selectee for the Beatitudes Society in the US. Renee is currently a post-doc fellow at the Universidade do Estado de Rio de Janeiro. Her research interests include prophetic imagination and religious education.

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