Ministry and Mission

The team at work in their office makes sure that students have access to all their courses. Many STEGE students do not have the opportunity to leave home and attend college in-person. Access to the programmes provided by STEGE is a vital lifeline of education for missionaries or ministers, that otherwise would not have the opportunity to begin or develop their theological education.

TTA has already had the pleasure of exchanging courses. Some of TTA's coursework has been already translated into Spanish. Likewise, TTA has received valuable collaborative work on many theological subjects from STEGE. Both colleges believe that the exchange of prayer, theological insights and written materials, will do much to enrich their respective student bodies.

Working in partnership is a vital aspect of Kingdom ministry, particularly when both organisations share a common desire for theological education to be accessible and affordable for all who may wish to study it. 

What are STEGE's primary objectives and goals?

The purpose of STEGE is to provide free theological education for pastors and church leaders in the most remote areas of Latin America where opportunities for theological education and resources are scarce or inaccessible. By taking advantage of the quickly developing online digital technologies as well as web access in remote Latin American regions (which accelerated through the COVID pandemic), STEGE offers free theology courses, theological resources in digital format, and weekly devotional content in web articles and video format for any Spanish speakers interested in learning about the Bible and growing spiritually in Christ.

College Information

What geographical region do your students mainly come from?

The students who have registered with STEGE are from 32 different countries. Most of the students come from Spanish-speaking countries.  

How many students do you currently have?

Currently, we have 585 online students. We average around 20-40 students registering each month to try out our courses.

What courses does STEGE provide?

We are currently offering Spanish courses in:

  •  Pentateuch
  •  Historical Books
  •  Reading of Scripture
  •  Introduction to Biblical Hermeneutics
  •  Introduction to Biblical Counseling
  •  Advanced Methods in Biblical Counseling
  •  Spiritual Formation I
  •  Spiritual Formation II
  •  Spiritual Formation III

What are your future goals and obstacles?

Our most immediate goals include designing more courses, obtaining funding to hire more "local" qualified instructors, and acquiring access to accreditation (whether directly or indirectly through another institution). 

What are the obstacles to fulfilling your vision?
Our biggest obstacle is the lack of qualified people that are able to assist in fulfilling our goals. 

Do you have premises?

We work in a designated space/office in Siachoque, Boyacá, Colombia. However, we have different individuals working virtually. 

How can others help you?
Prayer for God's provision of the right people to assist with this ministry is our biggest need.  

Thank you for showing an interest in the work of Eternal Joy Evangelical Theological Seminary (STEGE).