Whilst based in Northern Ireland we have a global student body. Evangelical with a heart for mission, it is our desire to go into all the world and make disciples of all nations. The fruit of this commission is to teach and seek to apply everything that Jesus has taught us. In fact, the whole of scripture is a testimony to the greatness, majesty, and love of our wonderful God. We are distinctly evangelical and for the sake of brevity and clarity, we endorse the basis of faith of the Evangelical Alliance. We are aiming to become not only a credible presence within Ireland but one that works for the spiritual transformation of its student, and as a result, discernible changes within society.

Our tutors are also keen students of the Word of God. As well experienced practitioners in the classroom, they are actively involved in local churches and global missions. They bring to you a lifetime of learning and experience and have a passionate desire to impart to you something of what God has taught them throughout the years.

Supporting You

We exist at two levels: a local learning hub and an e-hub portal. The second enables individuals or a group of learners to take our courses at any location throughout the world. Simply put, we bring our courses and tutors right into your living room, study, or church. Through a mix of downloadable textbooks, courses, exams, and webinars, you get to meet and study with the best tutors to facilitate your learning experience.

We are in the process of seeking the accreditation of a well-respected awarding body. Those who complete our diploma program and possess university entrance qualifications will be exempt from a number of courses required for a degree in Theology. Take one of our certified courses and we can guarantee that your education is indeed in safe hands.

As we are serious about learning, we are constantly adding to our range of courses. From Disciple Making to Spiritual Formation, we have your back! We have an onsite resource library that we are updating regularly, as well as uploaded e-books that will give you everything you need to complete the course. When books have to be purchased, rest assured that we source the cheapest options to effectively cut down on expenses. In the future, we envision a collection filled with journals and videos so that you can be part of an ever-expanding community of educators and learners. 

Supporting Us

Okay, perhaps enough said! You are happy with our values. We believe in the core values of the evangelical faith that are precious to you. You know we have a heart of biblical teaching and want your learning experience to be transformative. You like the idea of being missional and indeed supporting prayerfully, practically and financially the mission endeavours of those committed to sharing the gospel. You even like the idea that our staff represent various evangelical traditions and that we prize both diversity and unity within the body of Christ. However, what would we like in return - Good question!

Whilst the pressure of academic study can be a serious challenge we would like all potential students to commit to the following expectations.

Effort: It is certainly important to get our work/life balance correct, nevertheless, little is achieved without effort and we would encourage our students to work hard.

Engagement: It is always good to become part of a community, regardless of whether it is online or in-person. If possible, try to gain encouragement, and support and become a blessing, as well as be blessed, by the student community that you will become part of. 

Supported Ministries

We have a real desire to engage with Christian organisations that make a real change in the lives of individuals and communities. Not only do many of our lecturers have a passion to support those on the margins but to actually contribute to those helping others. Sharing the gospel is not just about proclamations it's about reclamation, recovering the lost sheep is because you care that the sheep have been lost in the first instance. Caring is also about provision, just as was the case for the restoration of the victim on the road to Jericho. Why not take a short moment, to find out more about some (not all) of the organisations we support in Kingdom ministries throughout the world.

Team Work

When you look out at a city, town, or village what do you see? We hope it’s a harvest field and in order to fulfill the great commission we need to work together. If you agree with our vision which you can find under the mission tab, then perhaps TTA is the right college for you and we will do our best to make sure you reach your goals both educationally and spiritually. That is why we have partnered with a number of organisations to give you the best possible academic and spiritual experience. As you navigate through our website you will catch something of desire we have to make the study of theology as life-changing as possible. So, if your desire to work together with us so that we can all deliver something of value, then why not make TTA your college of choice? If you have about thirty to forty minutes watch the video below and there you will be introduced to not only some of our lecturers but of the promptings and vision that led to the formation of Timeless Theological Academy.