Connect Cafe

Welcome to Connect Cafe. We are open every Thursday evening from 7.00-9.00 pm. We believe that when the Bible says that we are to love God with all our hearts and our neighbours as well, then that is what we should do. Perhaps when we begin to love in that kind of way we can create even better communities to live in.

Every Thursday we open our doors so that people can find a warm and safe place to attend. We do not judge by appearances or lifestyle, we love and care for each individual regardless of what your background is, or where you have come from. We are here to listen, help, and pray with you should you request it.

As the picture suggests, you will be greeted with a warm smile as well as a warm cup of tea or coffee. We always endeavour to have the kettle on, provide a few biscuits or scones, and occasionally a few bowls of soup, sausage rolls, or hot dogs. On Good Friday we opened our doors and had a fantastic morning of chat, a fresh pot of tea, and hot cross buns. 

If you are keen on reading, we have a well-stocked library of Christian books and second-hand books for sale. For those who enjoy playing board games, you can pit your skills against some of our willing volunteers, but we can't suggest they will go easy on you as they can be quite competitive.

If you are available any Thursday night, just pop in and you will be made very welcome. If you would like to help we are always looking for volunteers so please get in contact with us using the contact page provided. Connecting is vital in an age where we could so easily drift into isolation and be disconnected from the very relationships that God always intended us to possess. So make a point of reconnecting and joining us. To find more click here.